Are You Familiar With The Art History Timeline And The Different Periods?

There are different styles of art, like impressionist painting vs abstract painting. Then there are also different time periods when it comes to classifying art as well. For example, art before 500 AD is classified as Ancient Art. This time period included much Greek and Roman art, and there is also much Egyptian art from that era as well.

The next segment of the timeline involves a period that lasted for 1000 years. Any art from 500 AD to 1500 AD is classified as Medieval Art. During this period, there are many examples of early Christian art, Celtic art, Gothic art and more. Do you know what period in art history comes right after 1500 AD?

It is the Renaissance, and it actually started in 1400 AD and lasted until 1600 AD. So Renaissance Art overlaps with Medieval Art during the years of 1400 to 1500 AD. There are different periods within The Renaissance, too. The Early Renaissance is known for art with many gothic elements. Are you familiar with the High Renaissance, which is also known as the Italian Renaissance? This period lasted from 1492 until 1527.

After the Renaissance came the Baroque Period, which covered the years 1600 to 1725. From 1720 to 1760 was a period known as Rococo Art. From 1760-1830 is known as the period of Neoclassical Art. Then came Romanticism, which was an art period that covered the years 1800 to 1850. The example of art I’m looking at right now from the Romanticism Period is of an impressionist painting. I think that must be why I like impressionist art so much.

In the 1800s, there was also a lot of what is known as Academic Art. Another type of art, Realism, was very popular from 1840 to 1870. So the 19th century actually had quite a lot of art styles going at once. In fact, impressionism has its own category, and there is also Pre-Raphaelite Art as well. Post Impressionism and Symbolism also start in the late 19th century and run into the 20th century.

I always label Picasso as an abstract artist, but his art falls into multiple categories. One of those categories is known as Expressionism. To be sure, his art is abstract, but there are different categories. Expressionism was popular from 1905 to 1925, and also in the 20th century were Fauvism, Cubism, and Futurism. Then there is Abstract Art, which is its own category as well. Other 20th century categories include Dada, Precisionism, Surrealism, Art Deco, Pop Art, Photorealism, Installation Art and Conceptual Art.

What about the 21st century? Maybe you’re working on making that list. Notice as the years went by, more types of art were niched out for later time periods. As I looked at the art history timeline, I was educated right along with you. I had no idea that the timeline would be segmented according to art styles, so I got to learn more as I was sharing. Some of the styles I am familiar with, but several of them I had never heard of before. What about you?


What Is Your Favorite Period In Art History?

Isn’t art history fascinating? I remember when I first decided to go back to college and get my degree, one of the first classes I took was an art history class. Part of that dealt with the circumstance of course, but art history is neat and came up in my studies over and over again. This particular class I took was an online class because I needed to attend my old university in Tennessee virtually for a year to bring up my GPA to transfer to Texas State.

That was how I handled the process anyway. There are so many different types of artists. Typically, when it comes to art history, people generally think of painters first. But there are sculptors, artists who draw and more. There are different materials, mediums, styles and all, too. I’m not much of an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but I have enjoyed studying art history from time to time.

When I did learn about art history, the group of painters that impressed me the most was the impressionists. You’re talking Monet, Manet, and the likes. I like Picasso, too, but he’s an abstract artist. I like all art, but the artist matters. Take abstract art for example, as it’s not really my favorite style of art. Yet there are painters like Picasso that top my list.

It was my study of Impressionist paintings that stuck with me the most, however, and I really like how they captured a scene. If I had to pick one artist and one painting that I remember the most though, it would be Picasso’s ‘Starry Night.’ That is one of his most famous paintings, and I remember it most I suppose because I liked it and it is mentioned so often in art history books.

Edgar Degas is a popular Impressionist painter. Paul Cezanne is a painter with an interesting history. I found this upon research, as he is a name I had heard but am not familiar with. People often look at famous people and think that they just stepped onto the main stage or had an easy time getting there. Yet they were just like everyone else, and some of them have had very challenging climbs.

Everyone has a story. Some people do have it easier than others, but we all have challenges to face. In the case of Paul Cezanne, he applied to the French Academy of Fine Arts and failed the entrance exams. Now he is a very well-known artist in history. Impressionist painters represent a group of artists that were predominantly active during the 19th century, which is when this style of painting was more popular.

Who are your favorites artists? What is your favorite style of painting? Do you have a favorite artist whose craft is not painting? Art is quite fascinating, don’t you think? I’m a writer, and I’m a decent piano player and think I can sing. Along those lines, you might think I could lay a decent claim to drawing or painting, but I don’t even come close. I mean, my drawings look like those of a kid in kindergarten thats why I always read Circut’s die cutting info on their website.

But hey, I love studying art history. Perhaps you’re both an artist and a person who likes studying art history. Perhaps one day you will make art history.